New Member Payment
Maui Boat & Yacht Club
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New Member Initiation and 2021 Dues
PROSPECTIVE NEW MEMBERS Do you want to join us?  Here’s how.
Complete and submit our online memberhip form (see link below). Note: You will need to secure the sponsorhip of a current MB&YC member and list that person’s name on the application.  You will  also need a password to access the application.  CLICK HERE to request a password. After successfully filling out the membership form, return to this page and click on “Pay Now” to submit your initiation fee and first year’s annual dues (now accepting for calendar year 2019)  NOTE: Regular, Family, and Junior Memberships are for Maui residents only.  Non-Maui residents may apply as Offshore members. Your application will be reviewed by the Board of Directors.  If approved by the Board, a special election will be held at our annual meeting or via email ballot by the general membership.  This process is usually complete within 2-3 weeks.  If application is rejected (rare) a full refund will be issued in a timely manner.
PROCEED TO ONLINE APPLICATION after reading all 3 step descriptions. Then return to this page, select the appropriate membership category, and submit payment below.